Saturday, 13 October 2007

dogs and bones

Penny had a brisket bone for dinner tonight.

The usual performance began. She took it in her mouth and began to stress out about what to do with it. The tail went between her legs and the whimpering began. Oh, my! Where to bury it? What to do with it? The worry... The worry...

We closed the baby gates that block off access to the lounge-room and the bedroom - didn't fancy rotting meaty bones buried in our beds or the couch.

Finally I took pity on her and took her outside to bury it. Three minutes later she was back inside, tail between her legs again. Worry, worry...

Okay, so she decided to eat it. But it was too big to finish. So the stressing began again. I took her outside and left her there (it was cold and dark and I was trying to have my dinner.)

Eventually she came inside, smiling.

I'll go outside in the morning and see which one of my favorite plants has been dug up. Sigh...

Amongst her favorite places for burying bones are the plants in pots on the back patio. We don't worry too much, just put the plants back in and stuff the dirt around them again and hope they survive. Now I know we should be glad she's not as good a digger as the dog in this photo.


Amber-Mae said...

Oh yum yum yum! That bone looks really nice, juicy & bloody... Poor Penny! I wonder what was wrong with her. I never bury my bones. I finish them up!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Jabari said...

Well, Penny,sometimes I just don't feel like chomping on a bone either so I hide it in my Mum's rose garden. It does taste much better when it has matured a bit!!
I can beat THAT DIGGER. When I was a little tacker, I dug the entire front garden bed out onto the driveway. Bur Mum was NOT amused and stomped around with the shovel putting it all back and swearing horribly at me whenever I came near her. So now I just dig little holes to get the worms out so can roll on them.