Saturday, 6 October 2007

Chocolate and other foods that are taboo for dogs

We try to be careful to keep dangerous human-type foods where Penny couldn't reach them but it's always good to get up-to-date information about this subject.

I was reading Bark Blog and followed their link to National Geographic magazine's interactive page where you can move a little lever to point to your dog's actual weight and figure out what symptoms might occur if she accidentally ate chocolate. They list six types of chocolate products and cross-index it with a range of symptoms.It is actually quite good fun, though of course I hope never to have to use it in a real situation.

There's also a page called Canine Taboos with an overview of the dangerous foods to be most aware of.


Anonymous said...

Hi Parlance, good to catch up with your blog. Interesting facts about dogs, especially about vaccination. Would you say it also applies to cats?


parlance said...

Hi, Roxxii
I'm not sure about cats, though I would assume we also vaccinate cats too frequently. I had a look back at the site I mentioned re dog vaccination and there was no specific mention of cats.

By the way, it's a good idea when you comment to put in your blog url, so anyone reading your comment can pop over and visit your blog. I sure enjoyed your blog and I think others would also, even though it's a literary one rather than a dog one. I'm sure plenty of dog-lovers would enjoy reading your short stories.
If you click on 'other' rather than 'anonymous', it offers you the chance to enter your blog address and that way others can find out where your blog is. (I hope this makes sense.)