Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Jan Fennell the Dog Listener

Penny and I listened to Jan Fennell on ABC radio today. Well, I listened while Penny snoozed. Jan was interviewed by Richard Stubbs, one of my favorite radio hosts.
Jan Fennell believes that our relationship with our dogs is the key element in making sure they live harmoniously with us. She referred to four aspects when she was on the show:
1. Feeding
2. Perceived danger
3. The hunt
4. Reuniting after separation
I have seen her DVD but now that I've heard her speaking I think I'll watch it again.
She also mentioned her books (of course!) and I think I might send off for the one called The Seven Ages of Your Dog, which Jan says is not available in Australia. (She didn't sound very happy with her publisher about that!) When I originally read her other book, The Dog Listener, Penny was a small puppy and I concentrated on the information we needed for that stage.

Richard Stubbs questioned her quite critically about one point - she said that it is not necessary to take a dog for a walk every day. I had the impression that he was concerned that listeners would use this as an excuse for not walking every day. However, I think she was saying that walking is not necessarily the best way of keeping the dog happy and fulfilled. She seemed to mean that having active fun with the dog is just as fruitful.

I was so inspired by her ideas that I lugged out all the bits and pieces of agility equipment I have collected and set them up on the lawn and Penny and I did indeed have fun together. I must make a resolution to do this more often. To a certain extent it might be the easier option to just clip on Penny's collar, take a ball and go to the park. I've never thought of it that way - it seemed that it is my duty to go walking every day, hail or shine.

However, I might add that Penny also got an hour in the park, swimming and romping, so I think she got the best of both worlds...


Anonymous said...

My Mum says that over-exercising a dog can lead to health problems and digestive upsets. So we walk and play ball in the park 3 or 4 times a week and never when it is very hot. In very hot weather we go swimming at the dog pool in Rowville instead or play games in the passage at home. Sometimes we just read a book and sleep. I get a lot of exercise chasing wild birds out of our garden and doing laps around the back and front gardens. and sometimes I chase Missy cat around the house.

Johann The Dog said...

Sounds interesting, we may have to check out her book! Woofs, Johann