Friday, 5 October 2007

elegant crates for the dog with everything

Crating a dog is a good way to give her a place of her own and also to restrict her movements when necessary. Penny has a crate that she retires to when she wishes - often quite early in the evening if it's been a long day.

When we had a visiting puppy for the night I set up a carboard box for him and Penny immediately moved in to that. Seeing she was enormously put out to have him in our house, I think she was asserting her dominance by taking over the new home. (I'd found him on a busy street and he only stayed one night before being safely reunited with his loving owner, thanks to microchipping.)

But... have a look at the Hardwood Hideaway. Now, I'm sure Penny could look like the princess she really is, if she could rest in one of these crate mansions. Here is a picture of just one of the fantastic fine furniture pieces they have for sale.


Amber-Mae said...

Ugh! I have phobia for crates & cages! I Hate THEM!!! They are my worst nightmare...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

parlance said...

Amber Mae, I must confess that although I called Penny's little home a 'crate', the door is never attached. But I do find it reassuring that she loves being in there and I feel that if I did have to put the door on in an emergency, she wouldn't be afraid.

I'm thinking of something like a bushfire where I would need to be absolutely certain where she was while I was preparing to evacuate.