Wednesday, 11 March 2009

dancing dog Mutley on Australia's Got Talent

Penny and I have just voted for Mutley and Maree to go through to the Grand Final of Australia's Got Talent. We enjoyed their routine so much that we'd like to see them perform again. I can't find a clip of tonight's performance, and I guess that's expecting a bit much, but here's the previous round.

I've always loved canine freestyle (or, doggy dancing, as I guess I shouldn't call it) and at last Penny and I have found a class. It's at Dandenong, at Melbourne Canine Freestyle. So now we aren't limited to practising in our kitchen, copying the routines we find on the Internet!

Given that I've got two left feet, no sense of rhythm and a memory that's shot to pieces, I wonder why I'm doing it. But actually I know - it's because Penny enjoys it and I'm a believer in the 'use it or lose it' school of education for humans and canines. If you want an intelligent and alert dog, you have to give her mental and physical stimulation.

Our homework is to find a piece of music about thirty seconds long so we can develop a routine. As far as I'm concerned, the last person to write popular music was Mozart, so I'm going to have to ask around for something a bit more modern.

I sometimes feel a little old to be taking up these new-fangled ideas, but now that I've seen Trish on her walking frame dancing with Snowy, I know there is not limit to who can enjoy this sport.


Tina and Teddy said...

How delightful! ...I don't know who was better, Trish or Snowy! Truly amazing...I need to get my dancing shoes on too!

Johann The Dog said...

Oh wow! I sure hope Mutley and Maree win! I rooted for Kate & Gin in the Britain's Got Talent - even though they didn't win, it sure changed their lives!

Mum has been teaching me some moves, back ups at a distance, going through legs, sits, downs and bang at a distance. Cause someday, Mum's gonna be old and it may be all we can do :)

I'm so happy you're gonna try it! Can't wait to see how you like it, both you and Penny.

BTW - you're gonna start salivating when you see the puzzles I posted about today :)

Woofs, Johann

Noah the Airedale said...

We dont watch the show but hope they get through.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Amber-Mae said...

I watched this some time ago & thought it was so funny but kool! Not bad. Who says old ladies can't do freestyle too eh? Hehehe!

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer

parlance said...

Tina (and Teddy) - get those dancing shoes on!

parlance said...

Johann, coming over right now to look at those puzzles!

parlance said...

Hi, Noah and the other guys,
I don't watch the show either - who has time for television when there's blogs to visit? But a family member yelled out, 'Come and see the dog dancing,' and I rushed in. The audience shots showed my doggy dancing teacher and other people I knew, so I guess Maree trains where I do. But don't hold your breath about seeing me on the show - I'm not kidding about my lack of dancing talent.

parlance said...

Amber-Mae, it sure is an encouraging video clip!