Wednesday, 18 March 2009

interesting new blog by a veterinarian

Penny has generally been trained by rewards for good behaviour. ( I won't claim never to have been annoyed enough to tell her off!) I love reading about research that backs up my belief that our dogs are NOT wolves and don't need to be trained by methods that involve dominating them.

So I'm very happy to have come across the new blog of Dr Sophia Yin, a veterinarian and applied animal behaviorist in San Francisco. I think it is a great find. She has a site that offers lots of articles, podcasts and also the blog.

I found this new site by following a link from one of the most interesting veterinary sites on the Net, Dr. Patricia Khuly's Dolittler I was reading her discussion of the latest scientific evidence that reward-based training produces dogs that are less aggressive than those trained through harsher methods.


Stanislaw said...

I think we do cheese training. I mean, whenever I do something Good Boy I hear a click and get a niblet of string cheese. I LOVE it!

It's called Cheese Training, right?

parlance said...

Cheese training? Chee-ee-eese training???
Don't let Penny hear you saying that! She loves cheese! I'll never be able to reward her with teensy tiny bits of boring kibble if she hears that you get CHEESE.

Head-to-Tail Dog Training said...

You may be interested in my site which has LOTS of positive-reinforcement ifno and tips. Also a link to Squidoo with even more. If you have a moment, and are interested, please visit me at

Nice blog:-)

parlance said...

Hi, Loella, I had a look at your site and enjoyed it. I like your blog. Very informative. I'll look forward to reading it regularly.