Sunday, 29 March 2009

a dog sees the moon turn red during the Victorian bushfires

On Friday 13 February, about midnight, Penny and I went outside for the usual 'pitstop' before retiring to bed. I hasten to add that it was Penny who needed to use the 'outside facilities'. I'm sophisticated enough to use the inside toilet.

We were astonished, and saddened, to see the moon was red. Red from the bushfire smoke that was smothering Victoria that week. I took a photo, which unfortunately was blurry, but here it is:

Yesterday when I was listening to the radio I discovered I wasn't the only one who had seen this strange bloody moon as a symbol of the bushfires. Bobby Valentine Bobby Valentine, a local singer, was inspired to write a song about it. He is donating all proceeds to the brave men and women of the CFA (Country Fire Authority) who fought the fires.

You can listen to the song here. If you click on 'Bushfire Moon' it starts to play, so you can listen and decide whether you want to download it.

Note; I've put in a link to Bobby Valentine's MySpace instead of his home site because the first link doesn't seem to work properly.


Head-to-Tail Dog Training said...

Hey, thanks for the nice comment on my blog. This is wild. I guess we're lucky to never have anything like this in Maryland.

Regarding your dog's friendliness: her being friendly has nothing to do with her protective instinct. They seem to immediatley be able to pick up on people's intentions!

parlance said...

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