Monday, 23 March 2009

dogs and buried bones

I walked into the lounge room this morning and noticed the smell and thought, "Oh, poor Penny. She must have been sick in here. Or have diarrhoea. Poor thing."

But she looked fine, lying on the carpet eating her bone.

Wait a minute, what bone? She hadn't had any lately, only that one she buried in the garden days ago... At my not-so-quiet exclamation she took off guiltily through the doggie door. (Maybe dogs don't feel guilt, but that's what it sure looked like!)

Who'd have thought such a little bit of dirt would smell so bad?

After about half an hour she took a rest from chewing and came inside, so I popped outside to take a photo of the bone for this post. But I'd have needed Olympic speed to make it to the bone ahead of her. She grabbed it and raced off to bury it.

It seems as if the doggy logic failed at this stage, as she didn't mind my photographing the work.


Johann The Dog said...

Oh that's priceless! Great pics, too :)

And BTW, I'll keep an eye out for free shipping for you - those new ones are from a different company.

Teddy Gurskey said...

That is so cute...Penny burying her bone back in the box after being discovered! Since Teddy is a condo dog...he believes he is buring his fake bones under my pillow...he digs and digs and finally with his nose pushes it under the pillow...Where there's a will...there's a way!

Slavenka said...

I see that Penny love buried bones as my Obi.
Niki, unlike him, the bones not seen as something very precious.

parlance said...

Johann, I was showing the old intelligent games to my teacher at doggy dancing last night and she thinks they're great. I sure hope another round of free postage comes up!

parlance said...

I'll bet Teddy's nose is still quite clean after he pushes his fake bones under the pillows. I couldn't say the same for Penny's black, disgusting, dirt-encrusted nose.

parlance said...

Slavenka, maybe Obi and Penny are cousins, from way back in the history of dogs. Perhaps Niki is from a more sophisticated family of dogs.