Tuesday, 17 March 2009

fun for dogs young and old after soaking rain

Look at this!

Yep! It's puddles. Rain has blessed us at last.

And here's Bonnie, Penny's old friend, trying to get us into trouble by wandering off-lead into the Forbidden Area! I think, despite the fact she's deaf and partly blind, she was tempted by the smell of wet ground. I had to keep racing over and (gently) scooping her up and taking her back in the Allowed Area for Off-lead Dogs.

It's been a long time since old Bonnie came with us to our lovely walking spot, Darebin Parklands. Penny loves Bonnie and still respects her - I was delighted with the way Penny held herself back to a dead-slow pace as we walked to the park. Even though I mostly carried Bonnie, it seemed kindest to let her stroll part of the way and smell the smells.

Once in the park, Penny raced around enjoying the strange green stuff sprouting so quickly from the previously parched ground.

Bonnie enjoyed the green stuff too, but more sedately.

And then it was time for an old, old lady to sleep away the afternoon and build up her strength.

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Slavenka said...

Hi Parlance !
Even while the wet Penny looks so sweet. On the contrary my dogs look like a two little rats.