Tuesday, 3 November 2009

active learning for dogs

Today I received an email from Spass-mit-Hund. The email, and the accompanying flyer, were in German, which is always a little problematic, given that it's more than twenty years since I studied German - okay, I'll admit it is a LOT more than twenty years!

(But the link I've added above is in English, if you click on the picture of the British flag.)

Here's a link to the first page of the flyer, with two pictures of games that look to be fun and cheap. I'm going to try to make the one with the upside-down stool and the plastic pipe. I also think the other game looks like fun, the one where you get a muffin-baking-tray and hide treats under a variety of objects, such as tennis balls and balls of crinkled-up newspaper. (Just click the flyer up to 400% size to get a good look at the pictures.)


Teal'c said...

Oh - when I saw the link I got all excited as I thought Penny might be half German as well... :) I'm the only Aussie in the family. My dad is South African and my mom German. Her English sucks sometimes but as I have only paws she has to type for me... I hope it is ok as I have seen that you are a teacher!
Anyway - if you need translation help - we are here :) The games look like fun.
Cheers Teal'c

Honey the Great Dane said...

OH, we did a post on that muffin-tray game recently! I got the idea from a video I saw on YouTube actually - don't know if you saw the post (It's called "Rainy Days and Growing Bigger Brains")


parlance said...

Honey, I think I remember reading that post - I'll have to go back and have another look at what you said.

parlance said...

Teal'c, you are so lucky that your human family can read German, because there is a wealth of information coming out of Germany (and Europe in general) about games to play with dogs.

If I'm stuck on a translation I will take up your mom's offer of help! Thanks!