Monday, 30 November 2009

at dusk, a walk in Darebin Parklands

On a lovely cool evening, after the recent beautiful rain, we headed down to Darebin Parklands to see how things are going, now that the terrible hot weather has eased.

It was lovely!

We took a route we rarely use, along the Hidden Valley, because we wanted to see how the plantings are enjoying the rain. (We rarely go there because it's an on-lead area, and it's more pleasant to walk without having to be attached to our dog.)

The plants looked great, and we were surprised to come across a new seat, one dedicated to Laurie Course, one of the original group who saw the possibilities for the development of what was at that time degraded and useless land.

It was nice to sit in the quiet of this lovely park and remember a man who worked to achieve a refuge for native animals and a place for humans to relax.

Then we headed across the bridge to the off-lead side, for our usual ball-throwing and general racing around. (The humans don't do too much racing!) Recently the bridge has been under water, but it was all okay tonight.


Life With Dogs said...

What a wonderful place to spend time!

parlance said...

LifeWithDogs, we consider ourselves lucky to have this parklands area available. Only problem now is, the snakes are out!! We'll have to be really careful. The local papers are full of warnings.

i said...

What a lovely park! Looks so peaceful! LS says she wish there's a park like this over here, where she can sit in quiet contemplation.

parlance said...

Happy, we agree. It is usually a lovely peaceful place.

Teal'c said...

Sometimes we forget how dangerous it is here for doggies with all the snakes... Especially when the park looks as "European" as yours. A little cooler weather an you forget what lurks under the bushes. I guess that only happens if you aren't Australian, like my mom.
Anyway - I have never seen a snake and I hope it stays that way. Dunno if my instincts would kick in or dumb curiosity!?
Woof Master Teal'c the Great :)

parlance said...

Teal'c, until Penny came to live with us I was careful about snakes, but I knew the rules and wasn't too scared: never put your feet anywhere you can't see right down to the soil, if you see a snake, stand quietly and move away slowly as soon as you can, don't sit on a log without checking it out first.

I've seen quite a few snakes in my time, even though I'm a city dweller, but now that I've got Penny I'm always nervous that she doesn't live by the rules!