Tuesday, 3 November 2009

tug lessons and brushing a dog's coat

Every walk seems to result in Penny's coat being full of burrs lately, so she's enjoying lots of brushing. (Yes, she does actually enjoy it.)

When we notice her coat covered in little round things this morning, we sighed in frustration. But we were relieved to realise what seemed like burrs...

...were, in fact, tiny flowers from the eucalypts.

And while we were in the park, we practised with the new tug toy, clicking to reward giving it up calmly after a short game.


Honey the Great Dane said...

Funny - I never worry about over-excitement when playing tug with Honey - we tend to encourage it!! :-) But I think when you've got a very placid, mellow dog like Honey who is very hard to excite in the first place, then it's not such an issue. And I also made sure I'd taught a very firm "drop it" command before playing tug - and am always in control of the game. Actually, I have taught Honey 2 commands: Drop It - which is just open her mouth and drop whatever it is on the floor (usually a ball) and "GIve" which is to release whatever is in her mouth to my hand (usually used for Tug games). She LOVEs tug games - the noisier and wilder the better - we swing her (each other) around and "growl" at her to work her up even more - hee! hee! - but I have to say, she is very good - you'd really have to be, to play tug with a giant dog like a Great Dane in the house!!! :-)


parlance said...

Honey, I'm constantly amazed at the amount of stimulation and fun a big dog like you can get in the home. It's a credit to your humans, that they are so ingenious.