Monday, 2 November 2009

regurgitation and vomiting in dogs

Honey the Great Dane has been vomiting also, and Hsin-Yi, her human, has written all about it, including some interesting links.

Of course, Hsin-Yi worried that Honey might be suffering bloat, that condition that terrifies us humans, but thankfully, Honey seems well now.

I'm still thinking about the meaning of dog vomiting, because this morning - Monday - Penny vomited up the grass that she ate Friday evening. It seems a long time to have been inside her.

Here are the links that Hsin-Yi included. I've had a look at them and I think they are helpful.



At Natural Dog Health Remedies I read
If your dog often vomits in the morning or before eating and the expelled substance is a clear yellow or brownish fluid, it may mean that she has an upset stomach caused by excessive stomach acids. Feeding your dog more frequent meals in smaller portions may solve the problem.
I thought an article at had very comprehensive information. has an extremely comprehensive article, also. I was interested to read
When an animal vomits the gastric contents and perhaps some contents of the first part of the small intestine are brought up and ejected forcefully through the mouth.

I hadn't realised that vomiting could bring up material from so far down the digestive tract.

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