Monday, 23 November 2009

kangaroos can be dangerous to dogs

A man was injured by a kangaroo recently when he tried to stop it drowning his dog.

It's sad to read about a clash between the two species that we love. An acquaintance once told me a terrible story about her dog and a kangaroo fighting and falling down the bank into a river - both drowned. Ever since then I've been nervous of the idea of Penny meeting a kangaroo. You'd think it's unlikely, but we humans are pushing further and further into the remaining territory the kangaroos have around Melbourne.

There is said to be a mob of kangaroos north of here that has been surrounded by suburban development, so that their range is more and more limited. I have wondered whether the kangaroos that occasionally make their way south to Darebin Parklands might be members of this group.

It's a sad situation.

When I read more details about this incident, I realised the kangaroo had been sleeping before being disturbed by the man and the dog and being chased into the dam by the dog. I've heard that kangaroos will head for water so they can turn on pursuing dogs and drown them.

Another report describes the kangaroo as a 'rogue', but I agree with the discussion after the article, that it's not fair to blame the 'roo, because it was the one being chased.

I hope Penny and I never come across a kangaroo when we're out walking.


Slavenka said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you:)

parlance said...

Thanks, Slavenka. Kangaroos are such lovely creatures that I only want to see them when Penny is not with me!

karen said...

Wow.. I didnt know kangaroos could or would do anything like that.. Be careful of Kangaroos, I guess.. LOL

parlance said...

Karen, I guess, when it comes down to it, kangaroos are in more danger from dogs than dogs from kangaroos, but I'm still going to take care if we ever see one when we're out in the bush.