Monday, 16 November 2009

Australian army dog found after 14 months lost in Afghanistan

Our local media claim that the Australian army sat on the story of the finding of a lost sniffer dog, waiting to release it on the day the Prime Minister visited the troops in Afghanistan.

Sabi went missing during a battle and was supposedly recently recognised by a US soldier as a highly trained bomb-disposal canine, rather than just being a desert mutt.(Makes you wonder what the soldier saw the dog doing!)

Whatever the details, I think it's a great story. This version does seem to go over the top in its enthusiasm, though.

When I read all the reports, I didn't clearly understand whether Sabi will be continuing to work with her human, Trooper Donaldson, who is in London meeting the Queen. (And doesn't that seem to be a nice co-incidence, too.)

But who cares about the politics of it? I love that the dog has come home. And I especially love the fact that Sabi was partly identified by her ability to play a familiar game with the soldiers.

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Slavenka said...

It is so touching story with happy ending .I love happy endings.