Sunday, 11 November 2007

dog finds mammoth bone

Noticed an amusing story about a small dog who found an enormous bone on the beach in Britain. I'd have thought that a bone that is about two million years old wouldn't have any bone-smell about it. I wonder if the dog thought it looked like a bone, or if it did actually have a teensy tiny aroma? Seems impossible, though...

In part, the article, which was in the Daily Mail, says:
"Remains like this are quite common in the area, but it was a wonderful achievement for a little dog to find it. She may have thought it looked quite appetising and there may well be a very small percentage of amino acids still left in it.

"Chewing on the bone might help to clean her teeth, but she would not be able to extract any goodness or nutrition from it.

"It would certainly have been very tasty a couple of million years ago, when it would have had bits of fat attached to it - but it is now heavily mineralised with iron oxide."

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