Thursday, 1 November 2007

dogs resting and active

This evening while I was looking at Johann the Dog's fascinating blog, Penny was resting in her paper box.

Johann has a link to a video of a dog running an agility course with a camera on its head. It's a wonderful dog's-eye view of agility:

While I was on YouTube, I also looked at another one, of mini dog agility. I should have woken Penny so she could have a look at dogs her size being energetic but I didn't have the heart to disturb her rest.


missy said...

Hi there,
are you ever not on the computer? Lots of interesting things for us to look at thought, so thanks.
My dog seems to have two personalities - the active one where she runs around lilke a mad thing and the one where she occasionally moves from one sleeping position to another.

Johann The Dog said...

Thanks so much for the mention and the compliments. We feel the same of yours, fur sure.

Mum will keep an eye out for information on recycled tire toys for you - but one thing to mention now is that PlanetDog has recycled toys that many say are very safe. You can find them, (oh gee!) at my site - Gracie and I have several of their rubber toys. Also we hear they are moving all operations back to the US - see here:

If we find out more we'll post to get the word out.

And thanks for the vote too! I know you had to jump through a few hoops to do it!

Love that agility vid - of course!

Woofs, Johann

Jabari said...

Awesome clips!! Those dogs just LOVE to work! I should learn from them and not lie down when my Mum wants me to do the agility thing. But sometimes I just get tired of running and jumping and decide to lie down instead.

parlance said...

Hi, Missy. sounds like your dog would be pretty restful to have around the house when she was in her quiet mode.

parlance said...

Hi, Johann
Thanks for the info on petconnection. We have a similar situation here - people are not too happy about products for pets that come from china. Though we didn't get the terrible petfood disaster you had.

parlance said...

Jabari, I think you know that you are so handsome (yes, I know females aren't supposed to be handsome) that even when you are lying down we have to admire you. Aha! Perhaps that is why you lie down - so we can get a good look at you.