Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Raw food or cooked food for dogs?

Penny gets most of her diet through raw food and, because we prepare her food in our kitchen, I prefer to use human-grade ingredients. However, I'm a great believer in compromise, so we do feed a variety of cooked foods as well, including the best of the pre-packaged pet foods.

In the debate about raw versus cooked pet foods people seem to dig in to a position and see no truth in the arguments of the opposite faction, so it was a pleasant surprise to see a link to a measured discussion of the topic - and by a vet - at ePetsDirect Insider.


Wayfarer Scientista said...

ooo - umm this isn't really related to your post but have you seen this blog yet? I think you'd love it. http://automatedredemption.com/flavorcountry/dogblog/

Jabari said...

Some really good sites for the debate on feeding. Iwas also interested in the site which discussed the effects on the immune system of worming and vaccination.
For me, it's not a raw v. cooked debate, but rather about feeding a wide variety of fresh whole foods as often as possible.This just about describes my Mum's view on feeding which includes raw foods, meat, veg and VAN and good quality cans and kibble!! "When I travel, when I'm on deadline or when I'm sick, they eat a high-quality non-raw commercial food. That happens a LOT, and I don't stress about it".

parlance said...

Wayfarer, I love that blog. Thanks for sharing it. I used to have an uncle who spoke rarely but was restful to be with. I once asked him what he was thinking about and he said, 'Nothing...' I believe he might have been one of the world's great philosophers but I'll never know because he wasn't into talking. The dogs in those photos make me think of him - who knows whether they might have come up with the answer to it all as they wait around.

parlance said...

Jabari, that question of worming and vaccination is a worry, I agree.

I think you're right that we should lighten up about the raw food thing and just make sure the diet is varied and wholesome.

Amber-Mae said...

Hey Parlence & Penny, I'm BACK!!! Mommy's exams are not over yet but for this week, it is. She can have a break now. Her next exams will be in two weeks time but for now, she can use the comp & help me blog.

Some people always say raw food is good while others say it's not good. Raw food is good becoz that's what we doggies eat anyway in the wild or before we were domesticated. I can't eat anything that's raw & bloody but I can eat raw chicken meat coz there's no blood unlike beef or lamb. One small piece of bloody meat & the next day, I'm blasting out diarrhea!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer