Thursday, 15 November 2007

dog personalities rated by their owners

Johann the Dog, whose prolific blog I visit regularly (because it covers such a wide range of topics - and because Johann is so gorgeous-looking) has an item about an online study in which owners assess the personality traits of their pets.

I followed the link to Quirkology and completed the survey, which is very simple and takes about a minute. It is an ongoing study and you can arrange to follow the results. Johann also has a link to the Telegraph, a UK newpaper that has a report on the Quirkology study. People report that the longer they live with their pet, the more the pet seems to resemble them. Well, I guess it stands to reason that it pleases us to think our pets are like us. And I guess when humans see themselves in their pet the more likely they are to continue the relationship. No one's asked the pets what they make of it all, of course.

I must say, I'll be going back to Quirkology to check out the other strange things they have investigated. One experiment asked people to write in and say whether they thought their career had been affected by whether their surname began with a letter in the first part of the alphabet or one at the end of the alphabet. The results were interesting... Read about it for yourself and have a think before you name your next puppy. After all, if it works for people maybe it's an issue for dogs. :-)


Johann The Dog said...

Thanks for pointing out the quiz, we thought it was fun - and amazingly enough, I'm just like my Mum! Woofs, Johann

parlance said...

Johann, tell your Mum I love her blog - it's so full of interesting things to know. I'll bet she must be as gorgeous as you are, because we know dogs look like their owners. :-)