Friday, 30 October 2009

dogs swimming at the beach

Yesterday Penny had her first swim at the beach, with her friend Jabari the GSD. I think Penny had great fun, but it did involve a lot of sea water going down her throat, to judge by the stuff she vomited up occasionally.

The photos aren't very clear, but I only had my phone with me, not a camera - and it was sunny, so I couldn't see the screen of the phone. (Oh, excuses, excuses!)

We thought we'd better get to the beach before the first of November, when dogs aren't allowed on the sand in the main part of the day.


Slavenka said...

Is Penny decided to become a diver ?

parlance said...

Yes, Slavenka, I think she wants to be a diver. Which, of course, is a problem because she gets water in her ears, lol.

happy said...

Penny must be a water dog! The sea looks clear and nice. Some of our seas here are really murky.

parlance said...

Happy, the water looked lovely, I agree. Sometimes there's stuff in the papers that our local Bay is polluted, but I think it was clean that day.