Tuesday, 20 October 2009

the dog crate comes in handy for the urinating visitor

Today I was excited to think of a use for the large crate I wrote about on 24th September - the over-large one I bought by mistake and couldn't return because we broke one of the handles struggling to open it.

Scruffy, the timid dog who lost his best mate a while ago, has taken to urinating inside our house whenever he visits, so we decided he would have to stay outside unless he was under our watchful eye. But today was quite hot and we were worried about him, as he has a thick coat.

And then I had an inspiration! I lugged in the crate and tried to entice him in it with a couple of treats, but he was too wary to enter. So I lifted him in, fed him some liver treats - and he settled down.

At first he wasn't too sure about it.

Then he seemed to settle, though from the look of his ears he wasn't quite happy. (But he tends to be on edge a fair bit of the time, I must admit.)

Penny wondered what a visitor was doing, sitting in her nice crate and being fed treats (especially as she wasn't getting the treats, due to the question of whether she is overweight).


happy said...

He does look a bit unhappy in the 2nd picture but seemed contented enough in the last pic.

Penny is so generous. I wouldn't share my crate with others. LS said I have the only dog syndrome.

parlance said...

Happy, Penny has become used to visits by Scruffy and Bonnie, our elderly canine friend. I think she puts up with them because they always go home. When I occasionally find a lost dog in the street and bring it home, it's time for Penny, too, to show the only dog syndrome.

Jessica said...
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