Tuesday, 13 October 2009

practising for flyball

When the dog is returning over the jumps in flyball, bringing back the ball they've fetched from the box at the end, you want them to run as fast as they can, so most people encourage them by waving a tug toy.

Penny likes playing tug, but I thought we'd better try to make it even more exciting, so we've been racing around the house with the tug toy today. Penny won the last round (I let her) and here she is keeping a paw firmly on her prize.

She's practising even in her sleep!


Sparky said...


Tug toys are da BEST. I sleep with mine, too. I bet you've been having a ton of fun, eh?


parlance said...

Sparky, reading your comment has made me realise I'd better get off this computer and sneak past Penny waving the tug toy. She needs to win it from me again!