Wednesday, 7 October 2009

when sick owners can't take care of their pets

In Victoria the wonderful Royal District Nursing Service has entered into partnership with the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, another great organisation.

Lort Smith, subject to availability, will provide emergency pet boarding service for up to six weeks for the pets of RDNS clients who are temporarily unable to take care of them, due to having to be away from home.

Not only does this give sick people the security of knowing their pets are cared for, but it's free. Lort Smith will transport the animals, and also provide food, upkeep and veterinary care.

As the newsletter of the RDNS says, pets positively affect people's helth, 'at a time when it is needed most'.

I couldn't agree more.


Noah the Airedale said...

I've never heard of Lort Smith Animal Hospital. I wonder if there is a service in NSW that will offer the same service. It sounds great.

parlance said...

Noah, I think RDNS is Australia-wide, isn't it? If so, they might have instigated it, so they might have an arrangement in NSW.

Dan the Daschund said...

RDNS in this case refers to Royal District Nursing Service in Victoria. It is a Melbourne-based organisation that provides nursing care to people in their own homes. They have this unique arrangement with Lort Smith. There are other similar organisations in other states e.g. RDNS SA in South Australia and Blue Care in Qld, but they are not the same company, so one would have to check whether or not they offer a similar service for pets.

parlance said...

Dan, thanks for setting the record straight.

I thought they might be local, because all the info in the newsletter was about Melbourne, but I know someone who gets visited at Warburton, so I thought it might be wider than that. And the name, "Royal' made me think perhaps it might be Australia-wide.

Thanks again.